Microsoft Word Training Courses By Melton IT

The team at Melton IT are experts in delivering the most cost effective Microsoft Word training courses avaialable in the UK. At Melton IT we provide a range of different Microsoft Word training courses throughout the uk that can be cusomised to suit individual specifications. Our training courses range from Microsoft Word 2010 to 2003, so we're sure you'll learn what you need to know with us. When you carry out a Microsoft Word training course with Melton IT you're guaranteed the following:

  • 10+ years experience in delivering the best training courses
  • 30 days remote desktop support
  • Money back guarantee
  • 90 days email support
  • Flexible training dates
  • Competitive prices
  • Small groups of delegates per course (typically up to 8)
  • Customised training courses to meet your specific requirements

Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Training Courses

Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Introduction Training Course

This one-day Microsoft Word training course covers the basic functions and features of Microsoft Word 2007/2010. You will learn how to enter and edit text, and save and browse documents. They will learn how to enhance the appearance of a document by using various formatting options. They will also create tables, insert headers and footers, proof and print documents, and insert graphics. 
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Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Intermediate Training Course

This one-day  Microsoft Word training course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Introduction training course. You will work with styles, sections, and columns. You will format tables, print labels and envelopes, and work with graphics. You will also use document templates, manage document revisions, and work with Web features.
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Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Advanced Training Course

On this one-day  Microsoft Word training course you will  builds on the skills and concepts you learned in Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Intermediate training course. You will perform mail merges, create and use forms, and create master documents that include a table of contents, a table of figures, footnotes, endnotes, an index, bookmarks, cross-references, and Web frames. You will also create macros, customize the Quick Access toolbar and keyboard shortcuts. 
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Microsoft Word 2003 Training Courses

Microsoft Word 2003 training courses

Microsoft Word 2003 Introduction Training Course

This one-day Microsoft Word training course is designed to help you to obtain the basic skills required to create simple documents using Microsoft Word 2003. You will learn to create, edit, format, print, and review short documents such as letters and memos.

You will learn to apply basic page, paragraph, and character formatting options, create a document from a template, insert pictures and clip art, and create a simple table. You will also learn to review a document using features of Word. 
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Microsoft Word 2003 Intermediate Training Course

This one-day Microsoft Word training course is designed to help you to develop existing skills in Microsoft Word 2003 to create and collaborate on more complex documents. You will learn to create documents that incorporate different objects, such as graphs, pictures, and diagrams.

You will also learn to save a document in different file formats and apply more complex formatting, such as sections, columns, and outline numbering. Finally, you will learn to combine a document with a data source to create mail merge letters and labels. 
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Microsoft Word 2003 Advanced Training Course

This one-day advanced Microsoft Word training course is designed to help you to develop document solutions for longer format document types, such as a report, thesis, book, or manual. You will learn to use templates, styles, and fields to format and cross-reference long documents consistently.

You will learn more advanced page layout techniques, allowing you to create documents such as a newsletter or simple magazine. You will also learn to merge a document with a data source to create mail merge letters and to manage linked objects. 
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